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READ: Ezekiel 33 Mentioned in The Daily Tribune re: 200th Camp Meeting Concert

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Dear Ezekiel 33, as the host Pastor, and on the behalf of Victory Baptist Church, Douglasville, GA, www.LoveMyVBC.com, I want to thank you for how, most recently, y’all were a tremendous blessing to the local LORD’s Church at Victory Baptist during our Homecoming Services. You blessed our socks off! Just advertizing that y’all would be our Special Guest singers helped “draw a crowd” that was about double our average worship attendance. And your gifted and moving Southern Gospel Singing, along with the guest preaching of Terry Braswell Sr., presented opportunity for every worshiper to be doubly blessed as well! Not one person left disappointed because they were filled with the Grace and Love of our LORD Jesus Christ through your worshipful singing. Not only “thank you” for your inspirational music, but thank you for your gracious manner, generous spirit, positive words, and songs that gave rise to the wonderful Words of The Gospel of our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ! Thank you again and may God continue to bless your ministry and every need to maximize it! We’ll be inviting you, again! ~Pastor James Cook

Wow! I love these songs and the Quartet is awesome! ~ Vicky H.