EzekielSouthernGospelGroup4aEzekiel 33 Southern Gospel Quartet performs a variety of musical styles, but focuses on contemporary, modern Suthern Gospel music because it often tells a story or gives an account of how God worked (and works!) miracles in the lives of everyday men and women.

Like other quartets, we perform to a variety of high-quality soundtracks, use keyboard and bass, and also sing several acapella pieces. We cover not only some recent Southern Gospel hits, but also perform dynamic arrangements of some of your old favorites. We also offer seasonal concerts, as well, for Easter and Christmas.  There are no CDs or DVDs to peruse… we simply sing and share our testimony via Southern Gospel, acapella, praise and worship and other types of music… whatever means to reach folks with a fresh word.

See a couple of live performances on the YouTube Channel!